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  • Wed, June 13, 2018 4:30 PM | Andy Clift (Administrator)

    By Becky Clark

    When we first started our strategic planning in 2017, we thought about how to move forward and two themes came to mind – Relevancy and Perception. We asked ourselves:

    • As a non-profit that works towards educating, inspiring, and transforming lives of our members – are we doing all that we can to fulfill our mission?  
    • Is OPA evolving with the needs of today’s ceramic artists?  
    • Are we relevant?  
    • What are ceramic artists looking for when they consider joining OPA? 
    • What is the public perception of OPA, and is the perception good, bad, or even true?

    As we move toward the future, we are thoughtfully considering answers to these questions. We have our sights set on a clay center that will provide learning and teaching opportunities for all generations. It will promote our members’ work through exhibitions and sales, and provide affordable studio space for working artists.

    To accomplish this dream, we are focusing on our members and member benefits. We are addressing relevancy head on by determining the needs of today’s artists and members. We are addressing perception by narrowing our focus on demonstrating and communicating the value of our organization.

    We have to clearly communicate our mission and vision to everyone. We have to engage and empower our members to take an active role, not just in Ceramic Showcase, but also in OPA. And we have to shift our perception by changing the way we behave as well as how we’re seen. We are taking a first step by creating a new visual identity and branding system that speaks with one unified voice and vision. It will ensure that the perception of OPA is this: we are relevant, and we are an important part of the arts ecosystem in our community. Take a look at our first round of branding design – [link to PDF]

    Our Vision Statement:

    Leaving Our Mark

    Every maker leaves a mark, an impression made by the creative process, that reflects our spirit and our humanity. Our clay community also leaves a mark – not just on our work – but on each person we connect with, for the rest of their lives. Whether they are artists or art lovers, teachers or students, we welcome all generations to discover and express their creativity through clay. By feeding their curiosity, inspiring their artistic growth and empowering them to live creative lives, we help each person flourish throughout their ceramic journey. Our legacy is to leave a lasting impression – in our classrooms, studios, galleries, neighborhoods and the clay community at large.

    Please join us on this journey and ask OPA leadership how you can help us achieve our dream!


  • Tue, February 27, 2018 1:22 PM | Andy Clift (Administrator)

    Want to decrease the discomfort that many hours in the studio can inflict on your body? It all starts with paying attention to your spine.

  • Sat, February 03, 2018 12:20 AM | Becky Clark (Administrator)


    On January 19th we met for the first meeting of 2018.  President Linda Workman-Morelli passed the torch onto Becky Clark, incoming President of 2018, and we thanked the 2017 Board and Program Coordinators for a great year, and their tremendous amounts of time and effort for the benefit of OPA.

    Elections were also held, and the results are tallied:
    2018 Board Members
    Vice-President - unfilled
    President - Becky Clark
    Past President - Linda Workman Morelli
    Treasurer - Matt Wolden
    Secretary - Rosemary Tobiga
    Ceramic Showcase co-chairs - Dawn Pantaja and Ginger Steele
    Membership Director - Andy Clift
    Clay in Education - Chris Baskin
    Communications Director - 
    Development co-chairs - Jeanne Henry, Michelle Gallagher
    Member at Large - Teresa Vaughn
    Member at Large - Unfilled

    2018 Program Coodinators
    Data Coordinator - Nick Molatore
    Empty Bowls - Gretchen Lambert
    Empty Bowls - Manya Wubbold
    Group Buy - Ken Pincus
    Hospitality Coordinator - Carolyn Blaze
    Justice Center Windows - RJ Tonneson
    Member Outreach Coordinator - Connie Chiefetz
    Manual Editor - Brenda Scott
    Newsletter Editor - Denise Krueger
    Newsletter Editor - Susan Gallacher - Turner
    Ray Grimm Award Coordinator - Michael Simmons
    Scholarships Coordinators - Meg and Sam Turner
    Social Media Coordinator - Yvonne Tornata
    Webmaster - Andy Clift
    Workshop Coordinator - Donna Cole

    Jeanne Henry announced:
    An update on the Hokkaido Project.  Funds are still needed to ship the children peace poles to Hokkaido.  All members are encouraged to seek donations for shipping artwork.  Donations can be made directly on the website.

    Please post any photos of your class making a peace pole onto the website or on OPA Facebook Page

    OPA members are invited to make a peace pole that will be donated at the upcoming Ceramic Showcase, profits from the poles will go towards Clay in Education and the Hokkaido peace pole projects.

    Michael Simmons announced:
    OPA member-created peace pole workshops are listed on the front page of the website.  Some workshops are full already! There are currently still enough poles for artists to take and work on independently.

    The January meeting presentation was a brief introduction to Instagram, Creating an online Shopping Cart, and Photographing your artwork at home.  Presented by OPA members Rafa Orderica-rea, Andy Clift, and Chris McClelland.  The video can be viewed on the OPA Facebook page any time.  

    Thank you Rafa, Andy, and Chris!  The presentation was great, and more members have joined Instagram as a result!

    Follow OPA on Instagram! @oregonpotters.  https://www.instagram.com/oregonpotters/

    The Next Meeting is the Ceramic Showcase Booth Picking Meeting!
    March 9th, in the Auditorium at the Multnomah Art Center.

  • Wed, November 08, 2017 7:11 AM | Andy Clift (Administrator)

    Portland Night Market - Holiday Edition 
    Call for Vendors

    Hi Past + Potential PNM Vendors,

    The Portland Night Market showcases over 175 unique businesses that call the great City of Portland home. Blending food, culture, music, drinks and retail together for an adventurous evening in the Industrial District. The event allows people to meet some of Portland's best makers, merchants and creators set in the unique venue of a 100+ year old produce warehouse. The PNM is a free event and open to all ages.

    The Holiday Edition of the Portland Night Market will be held December 1st - 3rd. Hours for the event are 4pm-11pm on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday from 11am-4pm. Holiday Applications are open <https://pdxnm.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=a71bd765dcfadb26add93c9fa&id=2a758fab2a&e=9f26a34305>. Applications are due by November 12. All completed applications will be review by a jury. ONLY approved vendors will be emailed with confirmation and event details by November 13. The full list of approved vendors will be published on our website (pdxnm.com) on November 13 at 9pm.

    Booth fees are due within 72 hours of acceptance email and must be paid via paypal. Checks will not be accepted. After the 72 hour period unpaid booths will be offered to waitlisted vendors.

    Thank you,
    Emma Pelett

  • Fri, September 29, 2017 7:26 AM | Andy Clift (Administrator)

    First Unitarian Church Annual Fine Arts Show and Sale

    April 21-22, 2018

    Application deadline: November 16th, 2017

    4 X 6 digital prints on a CD at least 300dpj needed for jury

    Central pay--artist or representative expected to be present

    30% commission

    Apply with name address zip phone email medium and a brief description with CD to:

    First Unitarian Fine Arts Show

    1034 SW 13th

    Portland OR 97205

    For more info contact Gail Durham, gdurham@easystreet.net

  • Tue, March 14, 2017 4:23 PM | Gretchen Lambert (Administrator)

    It's Empty Bowls at the Waterfront Blues Festival time again! Time to help feed the hungry, because no one should be hungry. OPA partners with the Oregon Food Bank and Georgies for this event. The Food Bank sets up the big tent, June 30 - July 4, Georgies hosts a Throw-a-thon, and stores the donations, we donate our work, make pots at the Throw-a-thon, and sell them at the Blues Festival. 100% of the money raised from donations goes to the Food Bank.

     Gretchen Lambert and Robin McDonald are the chairs this year and we are now signing up volunteers and sellers. Sellers keep 75% of their sales (the rest goes to the Food Bank), get 2 four-foot shelves the last 3 days of the event, agree to work three shifts plus either set up or breakdown, donate approximately $100 of work, and know they are doing a truly positive thing for their community.

    The Throw-a-thon at Georgies is scheduled for June 16 - 30 this year.

    Contact Robin McDonald, levasseurr@comcast.net, to volunteer. Contact Gretchen Lambert, gretchen.lambert@gmail.com, to donate work.

  • Mon, February 27, 2017 12:56 PM | Andy Clift (Administrator)

    14 potters had great fun making flowers, birds, bees, and of course some monsters- for the  2017 Showcase Installation project.  We gathered at Sara Swink’s beautiful studio on February 12.  Take a look at all these ideas!

    We're hoping our members will be inspired and get to work!  Bamboo sticks will be available at the booth pick meeting on March 10.  If you have any questions email Pat Berman: pat.berman@gmail.com

  • Sat, January 28, 2017 9:15 AM | Andy Clift (Administrator)

    Congratulations!!!! To the Elected 2017 OPA Board/Program Directors. 

    Clay in Ed: Chris Baskin

    Comm Director: Linda Bourne 

    Membership Director: Andy Clift

    Data Coordinator: Nick Malatore

    Empty Bowls Coordinators: Gretchen Lambert,  Robin MacDonald 

    Group Buy: Ken Pincus 

    Hospitality: Virginia McKinney 

    Justice Center Windows: Rosemary Tobiga 

    Trainee: Richard Tonneson

    Members At Large: Theresa Vaughan, Chris McClelland 

    Manual Editor: Brenda Scott

    Newsletter Editor: Susan Gallacher-Turner/Denise Krueger 

    Picnic Chair: Deb Shapiro

    Scholarship Coordinator: Sandra Toussaint

    Voting Coordinator: Andrea Rosselle

  • Sat, October 15, 2016 7:40 AM | Andy Clift (Administrator)

    OPA member Michael Simmons, and Buckman elementary's art teacher, is the recipient of the Oregon Art Teacher of the Year Award

    Oregon's Art Educator of the year is our own Buckman Elementary Arts Teacher, Michael Simmons. Hear what these 2nd graders think of their award winning teacher.

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