OPA is an all-volunteer run organization.

Open positions are listed here.  If you would like to sign up for a position, or learn more, email president@oregonpotters.org or any of the other contacts in each description. 

Your involvement makes OPA great!

Board Positions will be voted on at the January Elections meeting on Jan. 11
Because board positions are voted on, they are listed here even if someone currently holds a position and may re-run. Board positions (except for Vice-President, Treasurer and Ceramic Showcase chair) all hold a one year term, but may be voted in continuously.

Program Coordinator positions are not voted on, and are filled by volunteering!  Contact us today and get involved!

Treasurer Needed
*Board Position

Status: Vacant

      *Must Submit resume to the board
      *This position receives an annual stipend

      (3-4 year commitment)

      Possibly our most treasured position!  Ceramic Showcase and OPA functions can’t happen without you! Must have previous experience with quick-books.  

      To apply to this position, inquire with opa_treasurer@hotmail.com 

      Membership Director
      *Board Position

      We currently do not have anyone in this position

      • Manages memberships for the organization.
      • Must be comfortable with databases and spreadsheets.  
      • We will train you how to use web-software.
      Contact: president@oregonpotters.org

      OPA Secretary
      *Board Position

      • Organization and computer skills necessary.  
      • Attend board meetings and general meetings.  Make executive decisions!
      • Record minutes.  
      Contact: president@oregonpotters.org

      Clay in Ed Director 
      *Board Position

      Oversee clay in education programs, work with Artist Residency coordinator, scholarships chairs, and educational events coordinator

      Website Event Coordinator

      • Help coordinate all OPA events on the website
      • Coordinate event details/description with event leader
      • Post event description received from event leader focusing on layout and proofing
      • Coordinate with event leader what needs to be on registration form
      • Create registration form for event
      • Include questions to get all the necessary data
      • Create a registration type
      • Include price for registration, member or non-member,various limits etc.
      • Help coordinate communication with registrants
      • Create event reports and export data
      • Oversee transactions and coordinate if necessary with treasurer

      We will help you learn web-software! 

      Contact: webmaster@oregonpotters.org

      Picnic Coordinator

      Help plan annual picnic!  Decide venue, work with budget, plan fun activities/workshops for members

      Vice President Needed!
      *Board Position

      Status: Vacant

            The Vice-President reports directly to the President and is responsible for: overall program management oversight, planning and evaluation, fundraising, resource development, external communications, budgeting, personnel management, program expansion, etc.

             Get involved, make a difference! Share your bold visions for OPA.

            Contact: president@oregonpotters.org

            Manual Editor Needed!

            Edit the manual!  Work from home, work with coordinators to ensure everyone knows what to do when they take on a new job!

            Empty Bowls chair or co-chairs needed!

            Please consider getting involved in thischaritable, community-visible, long-running program.

            Contact: president@oregonpotters.org

            Website Content Manager

            • Post content to Blog System
            • Including OPA member show announcements, call for entries, area workshops, clay related items for sale, and important articles from our newsletter to the main page of our blog system
            • Email membership four times a year to gather necessary info on members upcoming shows to post on the website
            • Gather and post photos to go along with most posts.
            • We will train you how to use web-software!
            Contact: webmaster@oregonpotters.org

            Website Forum and Email Communications 

            • Help promote and curate discussions on our website forums.
            • Send out and help OPA leaders send out communications to our membership using the Web Software (Wild Apricot) System.

            Contact: president@oregonpotters.org

            Exhibits Volunteers Needed!

            If you are interested in helping plan exhibits and sales events, join us!  We need your help!


            Ceramic Showcase Vice-Chair or co-chairs Needed!
            *Board Position

            Status: Vacant

                We currently do not have anyone in this position

                  – Dawn has been chair or co-chair for the past few years and will need a break in 2020. Sign on as Vice Chair for 2019 and be trained by a pro. Organizational & communication skills are needed for this very important job. For more information

                  contact Dawn at lostdolls@hotmail.com 

                  *Board Position

                  • Help make board decisions 
                  • Jack of all trades style of job, learn different aspects of OPA
                  • Assigned jobs on an as-needed basis
                  • Must attend board meetings

                  Website Design and Layout

                  (1-3 year position)

                  • Help with upcoming redesign/rebrand of website
                  • Help design and layout new pages on the site
                  • Create email templates using the new OPA design standard.
                  Contact: webmaster@oregonpotters.org

                  Artist Residency coordinator.

                  (1-3 year position)

                  Receive and process applications from resident artists, find requests and possibilities, help plan residencies.

                  Make contracts with participating  partners, go through checklists and support artists, follow through with payment and evaluations, manage budget.

                  contact: clayined@oregonpotters.org

                  Justice Center Windows Trainee

                  (3 year position)

                  Help Justice Center Window Coordinator
                  set up and take-down exhibits, help coordinate future exhibits.


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